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Recent updates

  • Article: Sep 3, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Tom Brake have called for an urgent debate in Parliament about the refugee crisis and the UK response.

  • Article: Sep 1, 2015

    Tim Farron has urged the Government to stop playing politics over the humanitarian crisis impacting on Europe and offer help to desperate refugees.Â

  • Article: Aug 27, 2015

    Tim Farron has welcomed the appointment of new Liberal Democrat Peers to the House of Lords and their commitment to fight for reform of the second chamber.

    All of the newly-nominated Lib Dem Peers have confirmed that they have joined the House of Lords with the intention of abolishing appointments and introducing elections at the earliest opportunity.

  • key_Tim_Farron_in_Calais.jpg
    Article: Aug 19, 2015

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has written to Theresa May to urge her to address the humanitarian crisis in Calais at her upcoming meeting with French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

    Tim Farron visited the Jules Ferry migrant support centre in Calais earlier this month to meet with refugees and organisations working in the area. He is calling for there to be more support and funding to tackle the lack of water, sanitation and medical supplies in the area.

  • Cllr Vicky Davies, Mayor of Brentwood
    Article: Aug 18, 2015

    It has emerged in recent weeks that Brentwood Council has still not paid out from the mayoral year of Cllr Vicky Davies, despite constant pleas from the immediate past mayor to do so.

    What's worse, many chequest written by donors have not even been banked, and instead have been sat in a safe for up to six months, gathering dust rather than interest. Some cheques have now expired and donors have been asked to re-write them.

  • Petition: Aug 15, 2015

    To Cllr Rodney Bass

    Westwood Avenue meets the criteria for a 20mph zone and residents want to see this implemented by Christmas 2015. Please say yes and make our roads safer for all to use.

  • Flooded Road
    Article: Aug 12, 2015

    SuDS stands for "Sustainable Drainage Systems" and the intention to establish a mechanism within the local planning process that will reduce flash floods when sudden or prolonged, heavy rainstorms fall onto hard surfaces. It's surprising just how quickly a flood can build up when a sudden storm dumps tons of rainwater onto extensive tarmac or concrete roads or other paved areas.

  • key_fightback.png
    Article: Aug 7, 2015

    New Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has today launched his seven campaigning priorities for Parliament.

    These priorities cross traditional department boundaries and Tim will be able to draw on the talents and expertise of multiple spokespeople to push this agenda.

    To ensure the party's concerns are echoed on the ground, he has appointed a Parliamentary Campaigns Team.

  • Brentwood Town Hall - opened in 1957
    Article: Aug 7, 2015

    Over the last few weeks, a number of accusations have been made by the Conservative council leader, on twitter and in the press, and we need to put the record straight.

    • Cllr McKinlay has asserted that we "wasted £20,000 of taxpayers' money" over a development in Hutton that aimed to convert garages to homes.
    • Cllr McKinlay has stated that we didn't have control over the council given that a £10,000 report was commissioned by an officer regarding the Town Hall.
  • local shop
    Article: Aug 5, 2015

    In an astonishing story that appeared on the BBC yesterday, Conservative councillor Chris Hossack, who in 2013 called for cheap taxis for girls in short skirts, effectively told people that they were only welcome in Brentwood if they were from Brentwood.

    In a quote reminiscent of "The League of Gentleman"'s shop for local people, he said that Brentwood was "for Brentwood people".