Brentwood's Lib Dem Councillors

Cllr Liz Cohen elected in Shenfield - December 2012

Sport Relief 7

Lib Dem councillors raise money for Sport Relief

Cllrs Barry Aspinell and David Kendall re-elected to County 2013

Cllrs Barry Aspinell and David Kendall are re-elected to Essex County Council in May 2013

2012 Election night

Cllr Ross Carter, Cllr Karen Chilvers, Cllr David Kendall & Cllr Graeme Clark - two holds & two gains in May 2012

Protesting against the Sunday Library Closure in 2010

Protesting against the Sunday Library Closure in 2010

William Hunter Way

Protesting against the William Hunter Way development in 2008

Tim Farron MP at Brentwood Town Hall with Cllr David Kendall & Cllr Karen Chilvers

Tim Farron MP visits in March 2011 and supports the successful Save the Town Hall campaign

Election 2014: Tories lose control of the council (Brentwood Gazette)

The night the Conservatives lost control - Brentwood leaders celebrate

Cllr David Kendall & Cllr Karen Chilvers supporting local traders

Cllr David Kendall & Cllr Karen Chilvers supporting Warley traders

Opposition councillors (Lib Dem, Labour, Brentwood First & Independent) celebrate their successful campaign (Back Row: Aspinell, Mynott, Davies, Le Surf, Morrissey & Lloyd. Front Row: Clark, Chilvers, Cohen, Keeble, Quirk, Sapwell & Clarke)

Cross party opposition councillors deliver return of one hour parking charge - July 2013

Cllr Barry Aspinell signs the Brentwood Accord (Cllr Karen Chilvers)
Over the line

Opposition councillors - including Cllrs David Kendall, James Sapwell and Graeme Clark, cross the line together at a charity event

Lollipop Man
Cllr Vicky Davies with her consort, Alan Davies (Jane Spriggs)

Lib Dem Cllr Vicky Davies is Mayor of Brentwood for 2014-5

  • Graeme Clark

    Cllr Graeme Clark, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems in Brentwood now chairs the scrutiny committee. He said:

    "There were some key decisions made at my committee. One was to deal with the complaints process. The complaints statistics are very light and members, especially Cllrs Chilvers and Morrissey, were concerned that staff had a fear of referring them to the formal complaints process and were, instead, trying to contain things within their own department.

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • Cllr Barry Aspinell

    Lib Dem Council Leader Barry Aspinell will be launching a bike scheme later in the year for staff and councillors.

    Barry said "I'm a keen cyclist myself and I am sure many of our staff will welcome the opportunity to cycle in to work rather than drive so they can get fit and do their bit to save the planet!"

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • Lib Dem councillors with protestors at William Hunter Way

    The inaugural William Hunter Way Delivery Group meeting was held in public on Monday 14th July and with contributions, comments and concerns encouraged by Accord members. The Lib Dems on the group are Cllr Karen Chilvers, Cllr Philip Mynott and Cllr James Sapwell.

    The Accord's vision for the current car park site was set out as being one that is to be decided from the ground up. That means that no developers will be engaged or designs drawn, size agreed or commercial deals decided until AFTER the results of an extensive and thorough, multi-channel consultation with residents, resident groups and local traders have been properly reviewed, considered and acted upon.

    This is a refreshing approach from the new administration in comparison to the previous incumbents who had wasted money, procrastinated and ultimately let the original, controversial scheme fail.

    Also present at the meeting along with residents and councillors was the proposed project lead drafted in as expert, private sector assistance to ensure that any new proposal is handled professionally, efficiently and openly. Leadership and Management have been engaged by the Group to act on the council¹s behalf in delivering a development that people want and that Brentwood can be proud of.

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • Cllr David Kendall has asked for a freeze on car parking charges

    The Brentwood Accord has agreed a three month trial period of night-time car park charges.

    The trial period would see the introduction of a flat rate charge of £2 for night-time parking between 7pm and 6am for Council owned car parks in Brentwood and Shenfield (excluding the multi-storey).

    Throughout this trial period, the Council will monitor any impact that may be created with on street parking and comments from residents and businesses will be fed back to the Business and Town Centre Committee on a regular basis. A full report on the outcome of the trial will be brought to the committee in February 2015.

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • Cllr Barry Aspinell signs the Brentwood Accord (Cllr Karen Chilvers)

    Cllr Barry Aspinell talks about this week's press story:

    Brentwood residents have spent ten years beingTOLD what was going to happen so, it would seem, it's going to take time for them to get used to being ASKED what they want... and that can lead to the odd misquote in the press!

    Last week, in my press briefing, I mentioned the possibility of a new slip road into Brentwood servicing The Brentwood Centre. Something like this COULD alleviate the traffic congestion every time there is a popular event on there and this could mean that the area could be developed further to offer restaurants, retail or even as a place where we COULD have a cinema IF THIS IS WHAT RESIDENTS WANT!

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • Cllr Vicky Davies, Mayor of Brentwood

    Did you know you can ask questions of councillors at full council?

    Mayor of Brentwood, Cllr Vicky Davies, says:

    "I welcome residents questions at Full Council as we are an open and democratic council."

    How it works:

    Fifteen minutes are set aside at ordinary council, shortly after the start of the meeting, to answer questions from the public. Meetings start at 7pm, in the Council Chamber.

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • KGP

    Lib Dem Chair of the Community Committee Cllr Karen Chilvers has ensured that, in future, residents of Warley and Brentwood South will be consulted on matters in and around King George's Park.

    She said:

    "It's fair to say that 92% of King George's Park is in Warley, but it's not fair that that means that the 8% of the park that falls in to Brentwood South does not get consulted on park matters....and what's worse is that this is where the main residential parts are!

    Article / Jul 27, 2014
  • Today Nick Clegg raised the question on whether Russia should host the World Cup in 2018, considering the events taking place in Ukraine.

    Speaking in an interview for the Sunday Times, Nick Clegg said: "If Russia doesn't change tack on Ukraine, I'm not sure why the World Cup in Russia should go ahead in a rogue state".

    Article / Jul 27, 2014