• Article: Nov 13, 2020

    Join campaigns professionals to find out how the US Democrats pulled off the US election result and beat incumbent President Donald Trump.

    At this event our panel will discuss what lessons the Lib Dems can learn from the US elections, how we can adopt their winning ways and how they managed to galvanize voters in key states.

  • Opinion poll: Nov 11, 2020
    US ELECTION 2020: Is it time for President Trump to concede?
  • Entrance to Brentwood Centre (www.creativecommons.org)
    Article: Nov 11, 2020

    As Brentwood Council seeks a new operator for the Brentwood Leisure Centre, we have asked that the facility becomes easier to access for those with mobility issues.

    The current blue badge spaces are situated at the end of a long path to the centre's entrance, with further treks inside to access facilities. It is probable that when these were put in place some years ago, consideration was only given to wheelchair users and gave adequate space for those people to use their equipment but, although that is certainly essential, around 80% of disabled people are not wheelchair-dependant and so, spaces right outside the centre's doors are required.

  • Dog scared of fireworks
    Article: Nov 3, 2020

    Brentwood's MP has responded to our request for him to engage with the RSPCA over noisy fireworks that terrify our pets yet, it will probably leave animal lovers disappointed.

    Following a vote in September asking him to engage with the organisation on his residents' behalf to investigate options such as silent fireworks, a letter was sent to him from Brentwood Council signed by leader Cllr Chris Hossack and Lib Dem Cllr Karen Chilvers, instigator of the move.

  • Brentwood recycling (Brentwood Borough Council)
    Article: Nov 3, 2020

    The results of our poll show that residents are recycling LESS under the new scheme, introduced by the Conservative administration in August 2020.

    Asked "What do you think of the new recycling system introduced this month by the Conservative administration", of the 208 respondents, 78% thought it was a disaster. Only 7% thought it "fantastic".

  • The Brentwood Centre (Francis Frith)
    Article: Oct 28, 2020

    Yesterday's sudden closure of the Brentwood Centre has alarmed residents but the Liberal Democrat group have been warning of problems for many years. If the Conservatives running Brentwood Borough Council (BBC) had listened, the abrupt halt may have been avoided.

    The Brentwood Centre Leisure Trust has, for many years, been operating in deficit despite receiving financial support from BBC to manage the town's leisure facility and halls

    At the request of CEO and the trustees, additional financial support has been given each year as it constantly operated at a loss

    Cllr Vicky Davies, main opposition member of the council's leisure strategy group, has for four years raised concerns and requested the Tories undertake a full appraisal of the centre's facilities, management and structure with a view to modernisation and financial viabiity, This has fallen in deaf ears.

    Matters came to a head when the auditors advised it would be illegal for BBC to give more money to support this failing organisation.

    We understand the centre will reopen in a few days under temporary management.

  • hungry child
    Article: Oct 24, 2020

    Brentwood Liberal Democrats wish to applaud footballer Marcus Rashford for his campaign to provide free school meal vouchers during school holidays until next Easter as families in poverty struggle to cope during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    We also praise those local businesses that, despite suffering through lockdown, have offered free meals to those in need during half term.

  • Cllr David Kendall in full PPE
    Article: Oct 4, 2020

    Cllr David Kendall shares his experience of the pandemic...

    During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic I found demand for my carpet cleaning business was very quiet, so I applied for a job with the NHS and for three months I worked in a Nursing Home in Chelmsford as a Cleaning Supervisor.

    The job gave me a good understanding of how a nursing home operates and gave me the opportunity to see first-hand the dedication and commitment shown by the care workers to the elderly residents in their care. It was a pleasure to be part of such a great team of people all focused on nursing people back to health, including some recovering from Covid-19. My admiration and respect for all those working in the NHS and the care sector has grown even stronger and I will certainly use my new found knowledge and experience to give them as much support as I can through my role as a county and borough councillor.

    While the NHS job certainly kept me busy, I'm pleased to have also kept up to date with all my casework across the Brentwood South Division and Pilgrims Hatch ward.

  • Article: Sep 27, 2020
    By Callum Robertson for Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

    To beat the Conservatives across Essex in May 2021, we need to be active and fighting for our communities. We have brilliant Lib Dem Councillors who are doing just that, some brilliant examples from this week include:

  • Cllr Karen Chilvers and her dog Tiffany
    Article: Sep 26, 2020

    Brentwood Council will, thanks to Lib Dem councillor Karen Chilvers, be writing to Brentwood & Ongar MP. Alex Burghart, to ask him to engage with the RSPCA in their campaign to move to silent fireworks.

    Karen said:

    "Many RSPCA supporters wrote to their councillors last year asking the council to take action to stop the unreasonable noise made by fireworks. Unfortunately, council powers are limited so I sought out the best solution which is to ask for our MP to take action on behalf of all animal lovers in parliament.