• Cllr Mark Lewis, Brentwood North, is objecting to Sugar Hut's 7am closing time application
    Article: Oct 17, 2019

    Statement from Cllr Mark Lewis:

    I have received a number of emails and calls regarding the Sugar Hut licence application which includes an extension to 7am closing. I thought I would set out my views on this for the benefit of local residents although I can confirm that I take a negative view on the application.

  • Hong Kong democracy
    Article: Oct 11, 2019
    At the Full Council meeting at County Hall on Tuesday 8th October County Councillor David Kendall asked the Leader of the Council, Cllr David Finch the following verbal question regarding Hong Kong:
    Question: Dominic Rab the Foreign Secretary recently said that Britain's support for Hong Kong and it's freedoms is unwavering. If this Conservative administration agrees with that statement then what action is the County Council going to take with regards to it's business dealings with China to show our support for the Democracy movement in Hong Kong?
  • Lib Dem Stop Brexit placard in Westminster (Keith Selmes)
    Article: Oct 11, 2019
    County Cllr David Kendall raised the following written and verbal question regarding a "No Deal Brexit" at the Full Council meeting at County Hall on 8th October with the Council Leader, Cllr David Finch

    Question: Having attended the Brexit briefing I remain unclear what the effects of a no-deal Brexit will be for Essex. Can the Leader of the Council please clarify this?

  • Trump
    Article: Oct 11, 2019

    Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Brentwood & Ongar, David Kendall has spoken out in support of the Kurds in Syria who are being attacked by Turkey. He believes the Kurds have been badly let down by President Trump and his administration following the decision made by the US to pull out of Syria.

  • Blue Badge
    Article: Oct 11, 2019

    Welcoming the news that blue badge permits will be extended to those with mental health disabilities as well as pnysical, Cllr Jay Laplain tabled the following motion:

    In light of the excellent news that the blue badge scheme will be extended to those with mental health issues as well as physical disabilities so they can access shops, travel and services, Brentwood Council will take a proactive approach to this by instructing officers to review the blue badge parking available to establish whether it can be significantly increased and bringing a report on their findings to the Council's PRED Committee.

  • Brentwood Station
    Article: Oct 9, 2019

    A desperately needed lift at Brentwood station was given the backing of Brentwood Council last night.

    The station does not have a lift on platform 4 meaning it is not fully accessible by wheeled passengers and poses difficulty for parents with young children.

    Cllr David Kendall moved the following, seconded by Cllr Karen Chilvers, and it received unanimous agreement.

  • EU flag & bird of liberty
    Article: Sep 30, 2019
    By David Kendall

    Whichever way you voted at the EU referendum one thing most people can agree on is that the Conservative Governments under Theresa May and now Boris Johnson have made a complete mess of Brexit.

    It will come as a surprise to many of you when I tell you that I was one of the 17.4 million people who voted leave at the referendum three years ago. At the time, I was like many other people whose vote could have easily gone either way. In the end, I voted leave with a heavy heart because - based on all the information provided - I thought we would probably be better off out of the EU. However as time has passed I am prepared to admit I got it wrong.

  • Boris Johnson demeans the office he holds
    Article: Sep 25, 2019
    Following comments made by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the House of Commons this evening, Cllr David Kendall, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Brentwood & Ongar, said:
    "The Prime Minister once again proved he is totally unfit for office.
    "He heard the pleas of MPs - many of whom have faced death threats - to moderate his language and yet dismissed their concerns with the same callous bluster that has become his trademark.
  • Alex backs Boris 2
    Article: Sep 24, 2019

    Following today's news from the Supreme Court ruling that Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, is our MP still backing Boris as stated in a Conservative newsletter that was recently delivered across Brentwood & Ongar with the headline "Alex backs Boris".
  • David Kendall
    Article: Sep 22, 2019

    David Kendall is to take on Alex Burghart and fight the Brentwood & Ongar seat at a snap General Election.

    David has lived in Brentwood for 30 years and has been a Brentwood Borough Councillor for 27 years representing first Brentwood West and now Pilgrims Hatch. He has also been an Essex County Councillor for over ten years representing the Brentwood South Division. He owns and operates a small business in the heart of the constituency which he set up from scratch 15 years ago.