• Christmas helpline brentwood (Karen Chilvers)
    Article: Dec 24, 2019
    Article: Dec 20, 2019

    A stonishing scenes at Brentwood Council's planning committee meeting on Wednesday (18/12/19) saw West Horndon's two Conservative ward councillors speak enthusiastically in support of a major commercial application in the village, at odds with the Parish Council.

    However, when it came to the crunch the motion, which appeared to be supported by their voting Conservative colleagues on the committee, the councillors came up short, failing to find the required "very special circumstances" that would necessitate the granting of permission. After 15 chaotic minutes of frantic discussion and passing messages and phones to each other desperately searching for a plausible reason, they had to admit defeat and defer the item at the firm and express direction of the Chair.

  • Cllr David Kendall
    Article: Dec 18, 2019

    During the General Election campaign we promised we would hold the Conservatives to account. Our first challenge is over the traveller issue in Brentwood with an email direct to Alex Burghart MP from Cllr David Kendall:

    Good Evening Alex

    Congratulations on your re-election to parliament. I hope you have started to recover from all the campaigning over the last few months.
  • David Kendall campaigning in Brentwood and Ongar November 2019
    Article: Dec 16, 2019

    I would like to thank the 7,187 Brentwood and Ongar residents who braved the wind and rain last Thursday to vote for me and the Liberal Democrats.

    The vote we achieved was 2,761 (+5.2%) higher than what we got in 2017 and represented 13.6% of the total votes cast which was a good result. Nationally the Liberal Democrats increased their votes by 1.2million and their vote share in every region but our antiquated "first past the post system" meant that we ended with 11 MPs. Ed, Alistair, Wendy, Daisy, tim, Wera, Christine, Layla, Sarah, Jamie and Munira have already hit the ground running but under proportional representation we would have 80 equally superb representatives.

  • David Kendall campaigning in Brentwood and Ongar November 2019
    Article: Dec 8, 2019

    David Kendall has today challenged the Conservative candidate to rule out a no-deal Brexit in December 2020.

    The challenge from the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Brentwood & Ongar, just a few days before polling day, follows Boris Johnson refusing to rule out a no-deal exit from the EU.

    Under the Conservative Party's plan, the UK will have until December 2020 to deliver the second phase of negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the EU. However, the plans also say Boris Johnson will not seek any extension despite overwhelming evidence showing that time-frame is near impossible.

    This means that the Tories are signing up to crash the UK out of the EU without a deal, the Liberal Democrats claim.

    This is why David has today written to Alex Burghart, the Conservative candidate, to ask him to rule out a no-deal Brexit in December 2020 which would cause severe economic damage and put jobs at risk in Brentwood & Ongar.

    Kendall said:

    "It is clear that the Conservatives are now effectively the party of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. They are content to see the UK crash out of the EU without a deal.

    "Boris Johnson's Brexit plan is already a disaster, but he has now made things even worse by putting the UK on a collision course with a no-deal Brexit in December 2020. That means more harm to our NHS, more uncertainty for businesses, more jobs lost.

    "People in Brentwood & Ongar have a right to know if Mr Burghart supports the reckless and dangerous plan Boris Johnson is proposing. That is why I have written to him today by email to urge him to rule out supporting any deal that risks a no deal cliff edge in December 2020.

    "The Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to stop Brexit. We are the strongest party for Remainers and we know that there is no deal as good as the one we have in the EU."


  • Burghart
    Article: Dec 6, 2019

    In a poll he would prefer we didn't talk about, Alex Burghart has come third from bottom in an independent league of MPs.

    The Change.org 'People-Power Index' is a health check of how Parliament is working and how our MPs are listening to, and engaging with, their constituents.

    It seems to have found Mr Burghart falling short.

  • Anxiety (Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)
    Article: Dec 2, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats have made an £11 billion funding commitment to transform mental health services. David Kendall, parliamentary candidate for Brentwood ad Ongar said:

    "This will make a major impact in our area.

    "Free prescriptions on the NHS for people with chronic mental health conditions will make a real difference to their lives by saving them money and giving them one thing less to worry about. I also welcome the training of all teaching staff to identify mental health issues as it will help to ensure that issues are identified much earlier and and pupils given the support they need".

  • tactical1
    Article: Nov 29, 2019

    Tactical voting site GET VOTING says Vote Lib Dem!

    Try it here.

  • Cllr Andy Fryd
    Article: Nov 22, 2019

    Update from Cllr Andy Fryd


    Since my election in May I have received many requests from residents to try to do something about the dangerous car parking situation from the traffic lights down towards the Rose, both sides of the road. As I drive around Shenfield I constantly see accidents waiting to happen with irresponsible and dangerous parking by, I can only assume, commuters who have found a space not enforced to leave their vehicles all day.

  • Shirley Howe (Brentwood Borough Council)
    Article: Nov 22, 2019

    Former Brentwood West councillor and past Mayor Shirley Howe passed away in the summer after a long and fulfilling life.

    Former ward colleague Cllr David Kendall attended her funeral along with the current Mayor, councillors past and present, dignitaries and her family & friends.

    David said:

    "I served alongside Shirley as a ward colleague during her time as a Brentwood West councillor (1996-2004) and it was a pleasure to do so. She was a lovely lady who gave a lot of time and energy to making sure her residents' views were always properly represented. She was a very fair minded and tolerant person who really cared about the local community and did an excellent job as Mayor. I know that many residents will remember her fondly and that she will be missed".

    If you knew Shirley and would like to donate to her chosen charities in her memory (Wallace Kennels and The British Heart Foundation), you can do so here, on Bennett's website.