• Cllr Philip Mynott
    Article: May 4, 2019
    What an incredible night for the Liberal Democrats! Our five wins here (out of 11 fought) pushed the country's Lib Dem win total over the 700 seats mark - not a bad result for a party that was being written off in recent years! I just thought I'd comment on a couple of interesting things which emerge from a closer look at the results across Brentwood.
    The Brentwood Council website is stating that the Conservatives got 42% of the overall vote whereas we got 41%. However these figures actually involve rounding-off fractional percentages. By my calculations the overall number of unspoiled votes cast in Brentwood was 16,447. Of that total we gained 40.92%, whereas the Tories gained 41.56% - a wafer thin 0.64% gap. This is also a massive leap forward from last year, when the Tories got 45% of the vote and we only got 34.5%.
    Furthermore in terms of the actual totals, the Tories picked up 6836 votes this year, but the Lib Dems were right behind them, on 6731. In other words we were only 105 votes short of their total across the whole borough, and, of course, whereas they stood in all 12 seats up for election, we only stood in 11.
    It's also very telling that our vote across Brentwood last year was 6,149 (so we've gained 585 from a decreased turnout), whereas the Tories' vote was 8,111 (so they've lost 1,275). The Labour vote also went backwards (down from 2,491 last year (just slightly under 14%) to just 1,719 this time round (10.45%).
    Where we've been strongest recently we've consolidated, with Clly Vicky Davies getting more than 70% of the vote in the Pilgrims Hatch Lib Dem fortress for the second year running; Cllr Mark Lewis getting 57% of the vote in Brentwood North (with four parties standing, as against only three in Hatch); and Cllr Sarah Cloke winning the once knife-edge Brentwood West, against an ex-Mayor standing for the third time, with 48% of the vote (after Cllr Dominic Naylor's 51% against an unknown Tory last year).
    Where we've done well we've shot forward, with Cllr Jay Laplain getting 49.58% of the vote in Warley and Cllr Andy Fryd marvellously grabbing 54% in Shenfield, where we were 300 adrift last time round.
    But even where we weren't successful we've advanced significantly: Darryl Sankey in Ingatestone, Fryerning & Mountnessing continuing to reel the Tories in (202 behind last year, just 73 behind this year); Brenner Munden making ground on both Labour and the Tories in Brentwood South (370 behind Labour last year, just 228 behind this time); and Hugh Gorton on 39% against the Tories' 56% this time, after 27% (against 63%) previously.
    With a number of new members now looking to stand next year, and those who didn't quite make it this time still up for the fight, we are looking strong for 2020.
    Cllr Philip Mynott is deputy leader of the council group and has been councillor for Brentwood North since 2010.
  • Lib Dems celebrating in Brentwood (Martin Cuthbert)
    Article: May 3, 2019

    The Lib Dems are back across the UK!

    Here in Brentwood, we made four gains and held the seat we were defending.

    We won Brentwood North, Brentwood West, Shenfield, Pilgrims Hatch and Warley as well as increasing our vote share across the borough.

    Our group is now 13 and the Conservative majority has been cut from thirteen to just three.

  • Lib Dems in Brentwood (Karen Chilvers)
    Article: May 1, 2019

    Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday 2 May 2019:

    • We will deliver openness, accountability and transparency in decision making for all.

    • We will work closely with residents and the business community to improve the commercial viability of the Borough.

    • We will strive to reach out and involve all sections of the community in taking Brentwood forward.

    • We will call for each ward to have dedicated Police Community Support Officer

    • We will fight any plans to close Shenfield and Ingatestone Libraries or cut the Brentwood Library hours

    • We will try and keep as many council services as possible based here in Brentwood

    • We will investigate the opportunities to install solar panels on council buildings to save energy and raise revenue

    • We will work closely with retailers across the Borough to re-energise our High Streets

    • We will keep challenging the Government's housing numbers for our borough and insist that the infrastructure is definitely put in place to support each development

    • We will try and deliver more affordable housing for Brentwood young people and for key workers like police, nurses, fire fighters and teachers

    • We will keep the weekly black bag collection.

  • Andy Fryd and Darryl Sankey at Shenfield Library (Karen Chilvers)
    Article: May 1, 2019

    All Brentwood's Lib Dem candidates are fighting against the Conservatives' proposal to close libraries across Essex (including Ingatestone and Shenfield) and cut opening hours to others (including Brentwood).

  • clean air card (George Potter)
    Article: Apr 8, 2019

    Liberal Democrat councillors called for Essex Council to take a lead on undertaking full assessments for clean air zones to tackle air pollution in February 2019. The Conservatives rejected the idea.

  • Access (George Potter)
    Article: Apr 8, 2019

    Brentwood Lib Dems have secured tactile paving for partially sighted people, additional blue badge spaces in the town centre and made Brentwood a blue-badge parking "Zero Tolerance" borough.

  • Save our libraries (George Potter)
    Article: Apr 8, 2019

    Our candidates are all fighting to stop the Conservatives closing libraries across Essex, including Ingatestone & Shenfield.

  • Andrew Fryd, shenfield
    Article: Apr 5, 2019

    Andrew Fryd has been selected as our candidate for the Shenfield borough council seat on 2 May 2019.

    He attended Hedley Walter School in the 1960s and has lived in Brentwood all his life, the last 30 years in Shenfield, and has raised a family here. He is a licensed taxi driver, operating out of Shenfield station. Prior to this, he worked in local government for 30 years.

  • Lib Dems in Brentwood (Karen Chilvers)
    Article: Mar 24, 2019

    Want to help more Lib Dem councillors get elected?

    Just seven seats need to change hands on Thursday 2nd May for the Conservatives to lose power!

    Email icanhelp@brentwoodlibdems.org.uk for more details.

  • Robin Hood road
    Article: Mar 24, 2019

    Brentwood North's Cllr Alison Fulcher is working tirelessly to enforce the law at the 'One Stop' shop in Ongar Road and, having exhausted other avenues, has now approached the Department of Transport directly to attempt to stop the damage caused to roads, pavements and properties.

    Alison says:

    "Brick walls knocked over, manholes sunken, pavements and kerbs cracked and damaged, but residents inform me that when they have contacted Safeway or their delivery partner DHL, they took no responsibility for the damage their vehicles make.