Disappointment at Winifred Dell house decision

March 23, 2008 2:04 PM

Brentwood's Liberal Democrat group has reacted with sadness and disappointment at the Conservative-run Borough Council's decision to approve plans for the demolition and re-building of Winifred Dell House, the elderly care home in Warley. This decision will mean that elderly residents may have to vacate the home.

Recently, residents and their families marched on the Town Hall to appeal for the planning application to be refused so they could stay in their home.

Cllr David Kendall, Brentwood Lib Dem Leader said:

"Winifred Dell House is a community and also people's homes. To disrupt an elderly patient, especially those with dementia, is highly disruptive and can cause deterioration in their health. We have seen no care plan included as part of this application which demonstrates how the residents will be cared for in this move.

"Only the Liberal Democrat group voted against the last proposal that was put forward for this home and we again see this as developers putting profit before people. As my own father recently died in a care home in the borough, I am only too aware of the cost that is involved in elderly care".

The Liberal Democrat group voted against the proposal, with only the Tory ward members voting with them, having failed to convince members of the Conservative group to vote against it too.