Lib Dems name two candidates

February 8, 2008 12:00 AM
By Brentwood Weekly News reporter in Brentwood Weekly News
Nina Cutbush and Ross Carter

Nina Cutbush and Ross Carter

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled two young candidates for the forthcoming local elections.

Nina Cutbush, 28, and Ross Carter, 24, will both stand for the party in May in Warley and Brentwood North respectively.

Karen Chilvers, chair of Brentwood and Ongar Lib Dems said: "We have two wonderful potential councillors here in Ross and Nina. Both have tonnes of energy and are eager to represent the views of all residents."

Both candidates have lived in the borough all their lives.

Ross Carter has a degree in law and a masters degree in politics, works in public relations and is a supporter of the mental health charity Rethink.

Nina Cutbush is a recruitment manager and a fundraiser for a number of children's cancer charities.