Ownership of public transport is vital

March 19, 2008 12:00 AM
By Steve Abrahall, Brentwood in Brentwood Gazette

I never cease to be amazed by the buck-passing the local councillors and MP do in their quest to avoid taking ownership of key issues like public transport and the integration of different modes.In addition I am staggered by the hostile reception to Crossrail given that all users of Brentwood rail station will benefit from having shorter journey times, more trains and better facilities.

I know the burghers of Shenfield moan but they get fast trains in addition to the drivel that is given to Brentwood rail users. Pickles and co should push to ensure Brentwood gets fast trains, disabled access and staffed platforms, in line with that provided at Shenfield.

The only councillor really pushing for this is David Kendall who is almost on a one-man crusade with the train company to improve Brentwood Station, its services and integration with bus routes.

My other real bugbear is two-fold in that all trains stop at Shenfield whilst all buses terminate at Brentwood, and I don't buy the line espoused by our local politicians and MP that it is out of their control. They are elected to serve the electorate and they are blatantly not at present.