Let true park users play a key role here

June 24, 2008 10:25 PM
By Karen Chilvers in Brentwood Gazette

Following my call for a Friends of Brentwood Country Parks consultative group to be set up as part of the joint management proposal, I am delighted that the leader of the council has agreed.

Although, I am not celebrating too wildly at the moment, as I am not sure that we agree on the commercialisation aspect.

Of course, to run the parks effectively and in a financially viable way, new ventures may have to be introduced but, there is a wafer thin line between what would be acceptable to the true park users (those who treasure the wildlife oasis that is naturally provided) and what is not.

For example, I'm sure that a nature trail, perhaps with a modest fee, would meet very little objection and we would all benefit from children learning about their environment but, should they see fit to introduce a fast food outlet or close off areas of the parks to dog walkers and runners, then expect to see us go ape once again!

Therefore, let's ensure true park users are a key part of this group.

I directly appeal to all those who, two and a half years ago, campaigned to Save Thorndon Park or those who wish to safeguard our country parks to get in touch with me or express their interest via our website www.brentwood-ongarlibdems.org.uk

Karen Chilvers

Liberal Democrat Councillor