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Microchip plea to pet owners

November 19, 2008 5:04 PM
By Rhiannon Clark in Brentwood Gazette
Cllr Karen Chilvers and her dog, Quincy

Cllr Karen Chilvers and her dog, Quincy

THIS local animal lover says a cheap and easy procedure could save your furry friends being lost for good.

Brentwood councillor Karen Chilvers is pleading with pet owners to have their animals micro-chipped after finding several lost dogs in just the last few months.

The most recent of these was just last week in Junction Road, Warley.

Rescued! A staffordshire bull terrier, reunited with it's owner thanks to a micro chip!

Rescued! A staffordshire bull terrier, reunited with it's owner thanks to a micro chip!

Though Karen estimates she has rescued more than 30 dogs in the last 10 years, the latest was the first she had ever found that was microchipped.

This meant that though Karen found the dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, wandering the streets at 11am, he was back home safely by 2pm.

The chips, which can be quickly and painlessly installed by a vet, are placed just under an animal's skin.

Should your pet get lost and taken along to the vets to be scanned, the microchip will identify them and your address, so they can be returned home safely.

"If the dog has been chipped you can get him back within the hour," said Karen.

In the most dramatic instance, she found a dog - later found to be called Muffin - heading towards the A12.

"I would urge anyone to do it - it's painless," she said. "I really didn't like the idea of a massive needle, but it didn't bother my dog at all."

She added: "I'm so glad that Quincy, Dillon and Daisy - aka my menagerie - are all microchipped.

"It gives me that peace of mind that if one went missing, the chances of us being quickly reunited are much increased."

It could also reduce the cost of your canine friend being returned to you, as some of the fees for the dog warden's services can be waived if the pet is chipped.

For more information on having your pet micro-chipped, contact your local vet or log on to www.rspca.org.uk