Lib Dems ask Tory Council leader: Brentwood or Hemsby?

December 22, 2008 12:27 PM
Brentwood High Street

Brentwood High Street

Brentwood's Liberal Democrats are asking Cllr Brandon Lewis to confirm whether he is still a resident of the borough of Brentwood or if he now considers himself to be a resident of Hemsby, Norfolk, part of the constituency where he is bidding to become a member of parliament.

The confusion arises from a letter on Cllr Lewis' own website, written to residents in Hemsby in September 2008, which begins:

"As both a resident of Hemsby and as your Conservative Parliamentary Candidate….."

However, the latest electoral role (1st December 2008 - the annual version which requires a signed declaration) has Cllr Lewis as a voter in Brentwood, at a Brentwood address.


Hemsby, Norfolk

Cllr David Kendall, Brentwood's Lib Dem leader, said:

"This may seem a frivolous point, but it is actually a very important issue right now. Two weeks ago, at Full Council, Cllr Lewis moved approval for the William Hunter Way development which will, in his words, "change Brentwood forever" and is opposed by many, many Brentwood residents. If he now considers himself a resident of Norfolk, then he needs to decide whether he is the right person to do this.

"At this crucial point in time for Brentwood, Cllr Lewis must clarify whether he is a resident of Brentwood, Essex, or Hemsby, Norfolk, and treat residents in both places accordingly."

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