No review for unhappy residents in Clements Park

January 20, 2009 12:00 AM
Clements Park

Clements Park now has severe parking restrictions and 66% of residents would like them reviewed

Brentwood's Conservative administration has ruled out a full review of the overall parking restrictions in Clements Park, despite a number of unhappy residents. Parking restrictions, of which there are significant amounts of double yellow lines, were introduced in December 2007.

Brentwood West Councillor Karen Chilvers and Lib Dem Group Leader David Kendall conducted a survey amongst residents in December, which showed:

  • 65% had difficulty parking during the week and 61% had difficulty at weekends
  • 68% found difficulties finding places for their friends and relatives to park.
  • 61% said there were parking difficulties when they had tradesmen working on their homes.
  • Just under half (43%) of respondents had experienced neighbourhood disputes as a consequence of the restrictions.

Overall, 66% of respondents felt that the restrictions were too severe and should be reviewed.

Cllr Karen Chilvers, ward councillor for the area, said:

"Everyone agrees that Holly Trees school needed safety measures but I believe that the restrictions were too draconian and that objectives could have been achieved through the introduction of residents parking, allowing residents and visitors the freedom to park where they needed to. I've spoken to residents who are now at loggerheads with their neighbours over parking issues, others with disabled parents who struggle with access and someone who got a parking ticket whilst they were unloading their dry cleaning outside their flat!

"So far, almost £16,000 has been spent on the scheme, just under £1,000 of this on amendments in the first year. I am disappointed that the Conservatives will only consider individual cases, which will cost money each time, rather than review the scheme in its totality."