Blackmore residents need support over illegal traveller site

April 17, 2009 4:44 PM
Blackmore Village Green

Blackmore Village Green

The Liberal Democrat group have called on Brentwood Borough Council officers to take urgent action to resolve the traveller issue at Blackmore as quickly as possible.

Around 60 travellers, armed with diggers and 10 tonne trucks, descended on the area over the Easter weekend and residents fear a gipsy encampment could soon be set up on their doorsteps similar to that in Crays Hill - Europe's largest illegal traveller site - near Billericay.

Councillors David Kendall and Karen Chilvers say that lessons must be learnt from what has happened at Blackmore and the borough council must ensure that it has the necessary resources and manpower to react immediately to this type of situation.

Cllr Chilvers said:

"It isn't the first time that action by travellers has happened over a bank holiday period, and it probably won't be the last. On the last occasion, when this happened in Pilgrims Hatch, we raised the issue of lack of officer cover over bank holiday weekends but, unfortunately, nothing seems to have changed."

"Ongoing support and advice to residents in Blackmore should be offered by the borough council."