Liberal Youth re-launches!

September 8, 2009 11:29 PM

The youth and student movement of the Liberal Democrats, Liberal Youth, has launched a new website, aimed at getting young people involved in politics and have their say in democracy.

Liberal Youth have re-launchedTheir current campaigns include:

  • Opposing tuition fees.
  • Opposing the war in Iraq.
  • Opposing ID cards.
  • Standing up for civil liberties
  • Votes at 16

Nick Clegg MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

I'd like to congratulate Liberal Youth on the launch of their brand new website. The organisation has come a long way over the past year, and this represents another great leap forward for the organisation. They are an integral part of the Liberal Democrats as a whole, and will play a key role in the party's future. Through its many guises as the Young Liberals, The Association of Liberal Students, and LDYS, the youth and student wing of our party has produced some of our finest activists, including Jo Swinson MP and Tim Farron MP

"The voices of young people and the public in general, need to be heard loud and clear by elected officials. Our party has a fantastic tradition of nurturing and involving our youth and student members, and of ensuring that they can have real influence the policy and campaigning of our party. We are also the only party to have routinely stood up for young people and students, whilst other parties abandoned them. We have continued to oppose tuition fees, to support Votes at 16 and to fight for an equal minimum wage for all, despite opposition from Labour and the Conservatives.

"Liberal Youth and the Liberal Democrats represent the fundamental, radical change that this country and our political system needs. We are the only party that has the courage and the passion to achieve our aims, and the only party with a plan for how to create a better future for all young people in this country, not just the select few.

"If you believe that there needs to be substantial change, please join us in our fight for this."

Cllr David Kendall, Brentwood & Ongar's Parliamentary Spokesman, said:

"Unlike many other parties we are seeing our party grow locally, including many younger members. For instance, our Cllr Ross Carter was elected at just 24 and has made a real impact on his residents who admire his enthusiasm and energy. They also recognise the hard work he puts into campaigning for them, as demonstrated by the William Hunter Way campaign. I would be delighted to see more young people involved."

"I wish Liberal Youth every success with their new website and am sure that, through this and other social media platforms, they will have tremendous success in building the future of our party."

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