Osborne's proposals are Lib Dem Lite says Vince Cable

October 6, 2009 11:02 PM
Vince Cable MP, Lib Dem Treasury Spokesman

Vince Cable MP, Lib Dem Treasury Spokesman

Commenting on George Osborne's address to Tory party conference, Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, said:

"This set of deficit reduction proposals is Lib Dem Lite.

"The sum total amounts to nothing more than a drop in the ocean and will not deal with the structural deficit.

"What is more, Osborne has in effect guaranteed that these policies will merely pave the way for a return to traditional Tory politics - hitting the public sector now to pay for tax cuts for millionaires later.

"Only the Liberal Democrats have made a commitment to bringing public spending under control whilst making taxes fairer across the board."

Cllr David Kendall, Parliamentary Spokesman for Brentwood & Ongar, said:

"The proposal to freeze public sector pay rises for those earning £18,000 and above is ludicrous. George Osborne is clearly out of touch if he thinks that the "fat cat civil servants" are the ones who are taking home just over £1,000 a month."