Town centre feature to remain

February 4, 2010 1:54 PM
Ross Carter, candidate for Brentwood North

Brentwood North's Cllr Ross Carter is delighted that residents can "breathe a sigh of relief"

Brentwood's Liberal Democrats were delighted last night that the issue of the Western Road/Weald Road hedge was finally put to rest, but angry that officer time had been wasted on the issue and residents were caused worry and distress after two consultations had already shown minimal support for it's removal.

Brentwood North Lib Dem, Cllr Ross Carter, said:

"Two consultations were previously undertaken on this matter and they were 75% and 80% against removing the hedge, yet the Tories wasted more officer time on the issue.

"The matter was brought back to the council for further discussion and consultation because, it seems, that certain Tory councillors wanted it to be removed against the wishes of the people who live there. One councillor said that "he might not have got his bandstand on Shenfield Common but he was certainly going to get this."

"There was even a suggestion from the chair, Cllr Karen Sheehan, that a consultation should be undertaken across two wards - 5,000 households as far away as Clements Park and Doddinghurst Road with Cllr Russell Quirk supporting this because "people who live there might drive past it"."

"Thank goodness the matter has now finally been killed stone dead and the residents can breath a sigh of relief.

"We should not have to fight the council on protecting green space, as we often do with developers."