Brook Street roundabout review "moving in the right direction"

February 7, 2011 10:51 PM

Cllr Karen Chilvers at the initial review of the Brook Street roundabout

Cllr Karen Chilvers hs met with Highways Agency officers following her call for a review of the signs on the Brook Street Roundabout and has their agreement that the road layout could be improved in the way that many Brentwood West residents have suggested.

The main issue is the sign just after the M25(N) turn off on the roundabout that suggest that drivers should get in the far right lane for the A1023 and them immediately cross over a lane to get into the far left lane for Brentwood. Cllr Chilvers said:

"The officers, the route manager and safety manager, agreed that this was impractical and that there is not enough room to move into the exit for Brentwood. They are eager to implement a formal review once the roadworks between J27 and J28 are complete and, in the meantime, have asked me to collate as much evidence as I can to back up their case."

"Therefore, I would ask that people send their views to me so I can include them in the dossier."

Karen can be contacted by email on or on twitter as @LDKatz71.