Call for Doctor's Surgery

March 26, 2011 8:43 PM

Trevor EllisLiberal Democrat campaigners in Brentwood South are calling on the local Health Authority to provide a Doctors Surgery or at the very least some medical services for the residents living on or near the Estates. At present residents needing the Doctors have to either travel into Brentwood or Shenfield for their nearest surgery and this causes a great deal of anxiety and frustration particularly for the many elderly residents in the area who have to use the bus.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Trevor Ellis and County & Borough Councillor David Kendall are leading the call for these facilities and have organised a petition to galvanise support which has already been distributed to over 1400 homes. The Lib Dems would like to see a Doctors Surgery/Medical facilities located at the Community Centre in Knights Way but are open to any other ideas and suggestions.

Trevor Ellis said:

"I have lost count of the number of people that have raised this issue on the doorstep. There is a real need in the area for a Doctors Surgery on the Estates and many people were hoping that something was going to happen when the new Community Centre was opened in Knights Way. Sadly it never materialised but David and I intend to do all we can to move this issue forward and try and get some new facilities".

County/Borough Councillor David Kendall said:

"I believe local health services need to be more tailored to meeting residents needs in Brentwood. If we could get a Doctors Surgery or at the very least some medical facilities on the Estates it would make a real difference to people's lives, particularly the elderly".