Labour’s figures just don’t add up!

September 1, 2011 9:26 PM
Cllr David Kendall

Cllr David Kendall

With Labour announcing their 2012 candidates this month, Lib Dem Leader Cllr David Kendall warns against believing the hype created by their lone councillor and reminds Brentwood that Labour have a record of agreeing with the ruling Conservatives.

Cllr Kendall said:

"It is complete disingenuous hypocrisy when Brentwood's Labour party say they are the "real opposition".

"Just look their voting record on some of the big issues: They voted with the Conservatives in December 2010 when the idea of leaving our Town Hall was first voted on, whilst the Liberal Democrats voted against the proposed move to Coptfold Road and campaigned to retain the Town Hall. They also voted with the Conservatives on the appointment of Joanna Killian as our shared Chief Executive - which has seen our services gradually sold down the River Chelm. Again the Liberal Democrats were the party that opposed the move from the outset."

"That's not opposition from Labour - even now they are more concerned with Lib Dem bashing than taking on the Conservatives."

Labour's assertion as "the real opposition" also takes a hit when the 2011 local election results are scrutinised, showing that they only received 15% of all the votes cast across twelve wards, although retaining their only seat they came third in eight others.

It shows that their view that wards such as Brentwood West, Brentwood North, Warley and Pilgrims Hatch are a "three horse race" is nonsense. They limped into a poor third in all these seats and many more besides.

"In most cases, all a Labour vote does is let in another Tory, just like in Brentwood West this year. It's this sort of mathematics from Labour that got the economy into such a mess in the first place".