Speaking up and making your voice heard on Car Parking

December 14, 2011 3:16 PM
Car Parking charges petition

Lib Dem activists and councillors campaigning against Town Hall parking charges

On the day of the final council meeting of the year, Lib Dem Leader Cllr David Kendall warns the Tory administration not to attempt to take all the credit for the parking charges review that has begun across the borough in recent weeks.

Cllr Nigel Clarke, Brentwood West, is also a key member of the cross-party group that is leading the review and played a major part in the campaigns that led to it.

Cllr David Kendall has asked for a freeze on car parking charges

Cllr David Kendall campaigning against parking fee hikes in 2009

David said:

"This parking review has come about due to constant lobbying and campaigning over many years by the major opposition party whilst Labour have sat on their hands and carried on feeding the Tories' car parking machines.

"Our campaigns have included a petition over charges in the council car park at the weekends that resulted in a U-turn over the Sunday charge, lobbying against the charges hike in 2009 of 33% that Tory councillors said were "unavoidable", we also got them to give free parking in 2009 to help struggling retailers and are still lobbying over the country parks."

The consultation paper features a number of key Lib Dem policies including:

  • FLASHBACK: Lib Dem activist Nigel Clarke campaigns against the 2008 car parking charge increases

    Cllr Nigel Clarke campaigning in 2010

    Promoting retailer loyalty schemes like "Cash Back" which was first bought in by the Lib Dems
  • The re-opening of the Multi Storey on a Sunday
  • Keeping the Town Hall car park free on a Sunday
  • Reducing the cost of season tickets
  • Improving signage to car parks

We have also demanded clarity regarding on-street enforcement.

Cllr Kendall added:

"This is good, proper and constructive opposition that has led to a full review and I am proud that Liberal Democrat councillors and activists have campaigned tirelessly for this result."