Council Work Fiasco!

January 20, 2012 2:00 PM

Lamp Post FiascoAn angry resident in Clarence road Pilgrims Hatch has aptly described the actions taken by the County Council as "unbelievable".

He has been witnessing from his home a succession of visits from operatives to replace a street lampstandard situated on the pavement that was badly damaged by a delivery van crashing into it

What has ensued is an unbelievable series of events, with various teams of operatives some from UK Power installing a new lamp whilst leaving the old base and a big hole in the pavement to be followed days later by workmen from the County Council Contractors, who then laid new tarmac around the new lampstandard and the old base!

To remove the old base will now require the pavement to have the new tarmac dug up again and then redone!

Cllr Vicky Davies said:

"If this situation was not costing us, the tax payer, money, would be comical and has me thinking of the old song " Right said Fred".

"Essex County Council insists there is a set charge for a job no matter how many visits are made by the contractor, but that is unbelievable as surely no contract would be cost affective to allow for this series of events."

This is one more example of how Brentwood Council's partnership with the county council is costly and not working for the benefit of Brentwood residents.