Mayhem at Brentwood Centre Koi Carp Show

January 27, 2013 4:46 PM
Brentwood Centre Koi Carp parking

Parking at the Brentwood Centre - 26 Jan 2013

For two days, utter chaos has been caused by visitors to the Brentwood Centre's Koi Carp show with people parking dangerously on highway verges in Elizabeth Road, Sandringham Road and surrounding areas after the centre went ahead with their show, despite being unable to open their overflow car park due to waterlogging.

Councillors from Pilgrims Hatch have been working with the police to deal with the dangerous parking however, the liability for the damage to the verges must fall to the centre.

Cllr Vicky Davies said:

"I contacted the centre manager on Saturday and he said he had been taken by surprise by the number of people attending and they were unable to use the overflow field parking area due to waterlogging but I was disappointed to learn that he had not contacted our officers, as is the usual procedure, and asked for "no parking" signs to be put around the surrounding streets.

"I also think they were unwise to go ahead with day two of the event knowing what the effects of the parking would be."

"Cllr Barry Aspinell is currently visiting the area with Cllr Ross Carter to take photos of the destruction that stretches into neighbouring Brentwood North. The police and traffic wardens have been called to the site for a second day running and will hopefully take action, however the damage is done."