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Celebrating the new Lib Dem faces - Cllr James Sapwell

April 29, 2013 6:07 PM
James Sapwell

Cllr James Sapwell says "join in and make a difference to Brentwood"

"The saying goes that hard work pays off and there is no greater evidence of this than the Liberal Democrats in Brentwood. Not so long ago our Council group was a small, plucky, hard working bunch. But, though the bad times for our party locally, they stuck together and their work in the past has sown the seed for the growth of our party. In 12 months we have gained 3 more councillors, and with the 4 resignations from the administration our time is coming again. Don't think that we haven't noticed Tory majorities eroded. Don't think we're not in a position to take advantage.

"By all accounts our county council candidates have taken the Tories by surprise. We think they were expecting some of our borough councillors to be standing, but here's the thing, it's not just the same old people any more. Our talent pool of members is stronger than it has ever been. We have new people asking to stand for us, people like Lisa Barrett and Cllr Liz Cohen who have campaigned long and hard on school crossing issues and have seen just how badly both Brentwood and Essex Councils are being run by the Tories and want to try change it. People like ex police sergeant John Newberry, who despair's at the situation that Tories have got themselves into over Hutton Community Centre. Local people from very different backgrounds who, in Liz's case has already proved to be a local councillor of real quality and both John and Lisa case they will be formidable county councillors. These are example of the many people who have seen that actually, things aren't rosy and are becoming involved.

If you have an issue anywhere in Brentwood and you are not having any luck getting it resolved then speak to us and we'll fight your corner. From speeding drivers in Hanging Hill Lane, slow internet speeds in Ingrave and West Horndon or just the desire to actually see a pothole filled in (any pothole, please Essex County Council, just prove the Highways Rangers actually exist!!) please pick up the phone.

Our message to the Tories is clear. We're on a roll and we're coming to get you. Our message to Brentwood Residents is even clearer. We are offering a real alternative to the way that both Brentwood and Essex are being run, we're listening and engaging and we're ready to take over.

Councillor James Sapwell

Vice Chairman of Brentwood and Ongar Liberal Democrats