It’s time to end Tory waste

April 30, 2013 2:22 PM

Seven Arches Road

The Liberal Democrats at County Hall have put forward fully costed and approved proposals to fix Essex's crumbling roads and pavements and help young people.

The Lib Dem proposals are:

  • additional money to fix footways, potholes and white lines on roads
  • help young people travelling to job interviews, provide advice on benefits and discounted swimming
  • help for Citizens Advice Bureaux to advise residents and raise new money.

This would be funded by:

  • cutting back on the £1 million a year spent on Conservative cabinet members and their support staff and the £2.5 million spent on spin doctors and PR.
  • Additionally cash in the council's bank account would be reduced to a sensible level. Newspaper reports suggest that the council's reserves have soared to a whopping £300 million.

The Conservatives voted these down - a change in the administration would see a change in how Essex County Council is run.