Pilgrims Hatch: Councillors stop bedsit plan in Harewood Road

July 25, 2013 2:06 PM
Cllr Vicky Davies

Cllr Vicky Davies

Pilgrims Hatch councillors Barry Aspinell and Vicky Davies convinced Tuesday's Community Services panel to vote against the Tory administration's recommendation to convert a former scheme manager's accommodation (three-bedroom family house) in Harewood Road Pilgrims Hatch into four bedsits with six bed spaces and shared facilities for people requiring temporary accommodation.
Both Barry and Vicky highlighted the fact the road is almost entirely populated by retired or disabled persons who currently enjoy the peaceful green environment in the road and next to the house for conversion is an entire complex of flats where many of the residents require daily warden support. Whilst both councillors acknowledged the need for temporary accommodation they spoke strongly against the location in Harewood Road
Pilgrims Hatch has many properties used for temporary accommodation and the nature of the use has created noise and disruption for neighbours which seem to go unchecked creating unrest with the resident population. The prospect of six individuals sharing facilities in an area designated for the elderly was seen by Barry and Vicky as a recipe for disaster and would it would also create additional parking
Cllr Barry Aspinell

Cllr Barry Aspinell

problems in an overcrowded street.
Cllr Barry Aspinell said
"I am absolutely delighted that the committee supported our concerns and that the proposal was refused on a majority vote."
Cllr Vicky Davies added:
"We now look forward to this house being put back into use as a much needed three bed family home. Common sense prevailed on this occasion!"