Cllr Philip Mynott leads call for scrutiny on Tory accounts fiasco

September 30, 2013 9:57 PM
Cllr Philip Mynott

Cllr Philip Mynott has led the call-in

Lib Dem Cllr Philip Mynott has led the call for the Conservative's controversial annual accounts decision to be referred to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

Last week, at the Audit Committee, councillors were asked to approve unseen accounts, as they were not ready, by delegating the entire responsibility to one Conservative councillor and an unelected official.

This decision could now be stalled if the O&S Committee agrees and we await the decision of the Managing Director on whether this will be allowed.

Council procedures state that eight councillors must call in a decision and the following councillors* supported Cllr Mynott's call tonight:

Cllr Graeme Clark (Lib Dem Deputy Leader)

Cllr Liz Cohen (Lib Dem)

Cllr Vicky Davies (Lib Dem)

Cllr David Kendall (Lib Dem)

Cllr William Lloyd (Brentwood First Leader)

Cllr Russell Quirk (Brentwood First)

Cllr James Sapwell (Lib Dem)

* Cllr Phil Baker (Brentwood First) and Cllr Roger Keeble (Independent) have also supported the call-in, but the first eight are listed above.