Duff welcomes vote for reduced emissions for Vans

January 14, 2014 12:00 PM
Originally published by East of England Liberal Democrats

The European Parliament has endorsed a deal to reduce CO2 emissions from new light commercial vehicles (Vans).

The report by Euro Lib Dem MEP Holger Krahmer also aims to make vans more fuel-efficient.

The report confirms the 147g target for 2020 as defined in legislation adopted in 2011 and defines the system for reaching this target and includes key issues such as emission limit values, phasing-in requirements, method for calculating a carmaker's average emissions, long-term targets, eco-innovations and implementation.

Andrew Duff Lib Dem MEP for the East of England said

'I welcome these new targets that set stringent targets for emissions for light vans, and make them ever more fuel efficient and environmental friendly.

Mr Duff added

'Vauxhall's Light vans, whose base is at Luton in the East of England directly and indirectly employs over 7500 people. Vauxhall produce at Luton, the Vivaro ecoFLEX light van which is an industry leader in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

British van manufacturing has shown that it can both compete in the European and world market and lead the field in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.'


key points for Editors

  • The report confirms the target of 147g CO2/km to be reached by 2020 (for vans of up to 2.610 t unladen and 3.5 t laden) which will apply to manufacturers producing more than 1,000 vehicles per year,

  • The report adopts a new test cycle procedure by 1 January 2017 based on the new UN-defined World Light Duty Test Procedure (WLTP), which reflects the real conditions in which vehicles are used,

  • The report relies on a system of "super-credits" scheme to 2018 (encouraging carmakers to make cleaner light commercial vehicles that emit less than 50g/km of CO2).

  • Currently Vauxhall's Vivaro ecoFLEX vans feature CO2 emission levels as low as 174g/km and can achieve a combined fuel economy of up to 42.7mpg.