Brentwood Call in buys more time on part night lighting

February 11, 2014 9:39 PM
Lib Dem County Councillors David Kendall and Barry Aspinell were joined by borough councillor Philip Mynott and campaigner John Newberry fought Brentwood's corner at a call in on the decision to introduce part night night time lighting across the borough in March.
The four of them presented their concerns to the Cabinet Member for Highways Cllr Rodney Bass, officers and the members of the Place Services and Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee. These concerns focused on four key areas:
  • The number of potholes littering the Borough's roads and the dangers these present to motorists and pedestrians.
  • The poor state of many footpaths that are in urgent need of repair.
  • Possible increases in crime and anti social behaviour
  • The impact on Brentwood's night time economy
Cllr David Kendall called for an urgent repair programme on potholes and footpaths to be instigated before any switch to part night time lighting went ahead to make them safer for the many residents and visitors who would be using them when the lights went out. He provided photographic evidence of many pothole and footpath issues around the Borough that had all been reported to the County Council over many months but were still awaiting repair.
Tory Cllr Bass said it would not be possible to introduce such a programme and accused Cllr Kendall of "bringing in potholes as a piece of opportunism" and of "showing a lack of responsibility to the overall issue". David hit back by saying he was simply reflecting residents concerns and doing the job he was elected to do. He also added that to do nothing was irresponsible and that it could endanger peoples lives.
After further points were made regarding the impact on the Brentwood Night Time Economy and concerns regarding the safety of residents and visitors leaving the town centre by car and on foot Cllr Bass said that he would offer a two week window for special representations to be made on areas where the lights should remain on.
If you would like to suggest any areas where the lights should be left on particularly in the side streets around Brentwood town centre please e-mail them to
Cllr Kendall said:
"It was definitely worth calling in the decision to introduce part night time lighting in Brentwood. We made sure residents concerns about the state of our roads and footpaths were heard and demanded action now not sometime in the future. We also highlighted peoples concerns about their personal safety and the issues around the Brentwood night time economy. The fact that Cllr Bass has now allowed more time for further representations has to be welcomed but he was left in no doubt that we take the safety of our residents and visitors to our town very seriously"