William Hunter Way: a refreshing approach

July 27, 2014 9:33 PM
Lib Dem councillors with protestors at William Hunter Way

Lib Dem councillors with protestors at William Hunter Way in 2008

The inaugural William Hunter Way Delivery Group meeting was held in public on Monday 14th July and with contributions, comments and concerns encouraged by Accord members. The Lib Dems on the group are Cllr Karen Chilvers, Cllr Philip Mynott and Cllr James Sapwell.

The Accord's vision for the current car park site was set out as being one that is to be decided from the ground up. That means that no developers will be engaged or designs drawn, size agreed or commercial deals decided until AFTER the results of an extensive and thorough, multi-channel consultation with residents, resident groups and local traders have been properly reviewed, considered and acted upon.

This is a refreshing approach from the new administration in comparison to the previous incumbents who had wasted money, procrastinated and ultimately let the original, controversial scheme fail.

Also present at the meeting along with residents and councillors was the proposed project lead drafted in as expert, private sector assistance to ensure that any new proposal is handled professionally, efficiently and openly. Leadership and Management have been engaged by the Group to act on the council¹s behalf in delivering a development that people want and that Brentwood can be proud of.

At the Community Committee on 21st August, it was also agreed that the consultation would go to all homes in Brentwood via a council update bulletin, encouraging everyone to take part.

Next meeting is on 4th August at 6.30pm and will be held at the William Hunter Way site itself at the request of Gerry Bender, Secretary of a local residents' group.

The group consists of Cllr Russell Quirk (chair), Cllr James Sapwell (vice chair), Cllr Julie Morrissey, Cllr Philip Mynott, Cllr Phil Baker and Cllr Karen Chilvers.