Free school meals for all primary pupils

September 1, 2014 6:07 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats in government are delivering free school meals for all infant school pupils - now we plan to go one step further and extend the scheme to all primary school pupils.

Following evaluation of this policy, the free school meals scheme would be extended, as resources allow, while ensuring that school food standards apply to all schools, including free schools and academies.


The benefits of free school meals is clear. Pilot areas show that where children were given a free school lunch, they were academically months ahead of their peers elsewhere.

Extending the scheme would make sure that every primary pupil gets a healthy meal in the middle of the school day, boosting their education, health and saving parents money.

Liberal Democrats are making sure that every child gets a fair start in life. Our pupil premium has given schools extra money targeted at the children who need the most help. We have expanded free early years education and introduced free school lunches for all infant school children.