Locking up children with mental health conditions must end

November 27, 2014 3:06 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Children with mental health conditions who have committed no crime should not be kept in police cells while awaiting treatment.


In England last year, more than 200 under 18s who suffered a mental health crisis were held in police cells instead of being taken to health based places of safety.

These children were locked up due to staff shortages and lack of appropriate facilities.

Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb is calling on police authorities to end this practice and sign up to new national standards for mental health crisis treatment.

Liberal Democrat Health and Care Minister Norman Lamb said:

"It is not acceptable for a youngster needing mental health care to be taken to a police station and I want to stamp this out for good.

"I'm determined to improve care for anyone in crisis, which I why I've asked every local area to sign our national agreement by the end of this year. Some areas are already leading the way but others have work to do and this week I've written to them with a personal appeal for action.

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