Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron Demands Flood Repair Funds

December 11, 2015 10:38 AM
Originally published by East of England Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron has called on the government to provide additional funding to affected areas to help deal with the recent floods.

Following the extreme flooding of the last couple of days, reside Flood Warningnts in Cumbria have been forced to evacuate as their homes have flooded, whilst business premises have also been adversely affected. Local infrastructure has also faced a severe hit, with many residents facing power blackouts, and many local roads in severe need of repair.

Tim has said that the government must back up its commitment to the 'Northern Powerhouse', an idea often talked about by George Osborne, by providing the funds needed to repair flood damage.

In a letter to David Cameron, Tim insisted that it is "essential that the government respond to this crisis in a fair and forward-thinking way, by making available the funds needed to repair the damage which the extreme flooding has caused in South Lakeland."

Tim has also called on insurance companies to deal quickly with the claims arising from the flood damage, to enable local people to return to normality as soon as possible.

Tim Farron said:

"It is heartbreaking to see the impact of flooding once more on local people. My thoughts are with all those whose homes and businesses have been flooded, and who have been forced to evacuate.

"There is now a major task ahead of us in terms of repairing the damage caused by these floods, and I am calling on the government to support us in this and make additional funds available.

"My thanks go to all the staff and volunteers from the emergency services, local authorities and voluntary organisations, for the hard work they have put in to try to minimise the impact of the floods. Electricity NW also deserve credit for their efforts trying to restore power to those affected by power cuts. My thanks also go to rail staff who worked hard to deal with disruption to the network and assist passengers."

Hertfordshire County Councillor, Nick Hollinghurst, who represents the Tring Division, added "But unless Highways Authorities like Hertfordshire ensure that all gutters, gulleys, grids, ditches and drains are kept clear and free-flowing, then we could have localised flooding almost anywhere.

In the summer we can get fierce thunderstorms and in the winter prolonged periods of heavy rain. If drainage is not well maintained, roads can be blocked and properties flooded. There were floods in Long Marston two years ago and the village has only just recovered."