Essex CC to review NHS staff shortages; how to reduce hip fractures, and better mental health

February 7, 2018 7:20 PM
Originally published by Chelmsford Liberal Democrats

The huge staffing crisis facing our NHS (for hospital doctors and nurses, local GPs, and other professionals) will be looked at following a call today from Cllr. Stephen Robinson (Essex CC Lib Dem Spokesperson on Health). Cllr Robinson asked that Essex County Council's Health Overview Committee should collect data from the various NHS providers and propose action.

Commented Cllr Robinson, "Nurses are leaving the profession faster than they are joining, and all our NHS staff are put under completely ridiculous pressures once in post. It is essential that the Health Overview Committee gets the facts and figures on the scale of the crisis in Essex. For many years Government has failed to train enough doctors and nurses and now we are seeing the results of that failure."

Essex has more older people having hip fractures than the average for Britain, and Essex County Council has set up a review group to look at causes and reduction. A report from the group was discussed today and a plan for future investigation was endorsed.

"Let's talk dementia" - an action plan for supporting the 20,000 people in Essex with dementia was discussed today:

The Health Overview Committee also agreed that better mental health, general public health and the state of the ambulance service would be topics for future meetings. Summary of future projects here:


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