Chelmsford Hedges Trimmed At Last

February 26, 2018 4:14 PM
By Jude Deakin
Originally published by Chelmsford Liberal Democrats

Overgrown HedgeIt has taken quite some time to get Linden Homes, the developer of the old 'Government Offices', to take responsibility for the maintenance of the hedges on their development in Beeches Road. This was just one of the conditions of their planning permission for the development.

The hedge was in a very overgrown state and after numerous requests Linden Homes did eventually instruct a company to clip it back.

Beeches Road Trimmed HedgeCllr Jude Deakin said, "Today, I was able to speak to the workman carrying out the work on the hedges. I can confirm that the pruning back of these hedges is almost complete. Linden homes left it very late to carry out the work; the nesting season begins on 1st March and this work couldn't be carried out after that date. Heres hoping we dont have the same issues later this year".