Save our Libraries

December 31, 2018 7:42 PM

There are currently 74 libraries across Essex. The Conservative administration running Essex County Council is going out to consultation with proposals to close 25 of them with a further 19 under threat of closure and opening hours cut for those libraries that remain open.

Here in Brentwood the main Library in the Town Centre is safe from closure, but it could see its opening hours cut by as much as 18 hours per week. The situation for Shenfield and Ingatestone libraries does not look so promising. The County Council is saying that, if community organizations and partners don't come forward to run both these libraries, then closure could be one option to consider but that decision may be two years away.

The County Council's consultation can be accessed online at If you share our concerns about these changes, please make sure your voice is heard.

The Liberal Democrats are opposed to these closures and opening hours changes. We believe that libraries are a much-needed community resource that could offer more than just library services, County Cllr David Kendall said, "Brentwood residents pay Essex County Council over £37 million a year in Council Tax but you have to question what the Tories are doing with the money. We've already had serve cuts to Adult & Children Services, Youth Services and now it's Libraries - what Next !?