Brentwood Liberal Democrats – Giving power back to local people

May 1, 2019 7:11 PM

Lib Dems in Brentwood (Karen Chilvers)Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday 2 May 2019:

  • We will deliver openness, accountability and transparency in decision making for all.

  • We will work closely with residents and the business community to improve the commercial viability of the Borough.

  • We will strive to reach out and involve all sections of the community in taking Brentwood forward.

  • We will call for each ward to have dedicated Police Community Support Officer

  • We will fight any plans to close Shenfield and Ingatestone Libraries or cut the Brentwood Library hours

  • We will try and keep as many council services as possible based here in Brentwood

  • We will investigate the opportunities to install solar panels on council buildings to save energy and raise revenue

  • We will work closely with retailers across the Borough to re-energise our High Streets

  • We will keep challenging the Government's housing numbers for our borough and insist that the infrastructure is definitely put in place to support each development

  • We will try and deliver more affordable housing for Brentwood young people and for key workers like police, nurses, fire fighters and teachers

  • We will keep the weekly black bag collection.

For queries on the day about where to vote, lifts etc please call 07774 248362.