Proposed Lidl Development: Cllr Mark Lewis responds

May 29, 2019 12:33 PM


The application for a new store in Brentwood , along the Ongar Road, has been submitted and local people are asked for their views by the council and the developer. In response, newly-elected Cllr Mark Lewis has the following comments:

Cllr Mark Lewis"Many people will like Lidl but, of course, those most affected are the ones that live nearest to it in Brentwood North and in the wider town centre. It has the possibility to draw in a significant amount of traffic/people from outside the immediate area and the adverse implications are significant. In its current format, I do not find the proposal acceptable for a number of reasons:

  • The environmental pollution paper is not believable. Most of the analysis is not relevant to the immediate impacted area. We need some professional support to help validate my suspicions. The traffic jams that will be created are not properly assessed from an environmental perspective...this will not be a free-flowing road and cars pollute at a peak when in traffic jams.
  • Traffic analysis is extensive but knowing the road and the likely popularity of Lidl, I do not believe the conclusions.
  • The analysis does not include the impact on Burland Road and the related school traffic/houses in the area.
  • On noise, the conclusion cannot be only makes sense if the traffic jams are so insignificant that no traffic is which case, the traffic and environmental papers cannot be correct.
  • The shop building and area is significant in height and scope. This will have an impact on local residents.
  • Proposal is for 80 flats but only 59 with 61 car spaces are shown - how does this fit in? Most of these 59 are one bedroom flats. I am not sure this is desirable - what living accommodation and social environment are we trying too create in Brentwood? Where is the family housing and social housing element? What is the impact on social infrastructure such as doctors, dentists, schools, etc. The residential units seem rather unpleasant - e.g. they do not seem very quiet next to a supermarket.
  • Is there really scope for the underground car park?
  • The resident consultation ending at June 14 is an attempt to jam the local residents...what is going on here. With such a major development, 2.5 weeks is woefully insufficient, in fact an outrage.
  • I do not see what Lidl is giving to Brentwood in exchange for approval, even if limited approval on a smaller footprint.
  • there are no mitigations of any of the issues above proposed apart from the cross-road at North Road...the only external work I can see is the traffic lights and turning into Lidl by car...but this will make the road a nightmare.
  • The building work period has been significantly underplayed. Lorries, etc will clog up the road for years not to mention noise and dirt in the process. I see no mitigations of this and i do not believe the "dirt" analysis.

I would urge residents to view the planning application HERE and make their representations to the council and their local councillors.The Brentwood Gazette also has an excellent summary here.

Cllr Mark Lewis represents Brentwood North and is happy to speak to residents about the application, as are his ward colleagues Cllr Alison Fulcher and Cllr Philip Mynott.

Contact Cllr Mark Lewis here