Lib Dems hope to install electric charging points in Brentwood

June 13, 2019 3:40 PM

Electric car chargingCllr Barry Aspinell will table the following at the ordinary council meeting on 26 June 2019:

This Council resolves to investigate the possibility of installing electric charging stations for electric powered vehicles at various strategic positions within the Borough.

We would suggest the ideal sites for these could be the major junctions with the M25 (A12 / A127).

Such charging stations would be powered by green energy, i.e. windmill, solar panel or heat source.

We believe this would generate much needed revenue to the Council and be a major contributor to reducing carbon emissions.Obviously, these stations would not be the only provision of charging within the borough but they would provide facilities for vehicles travelling through the road network.

As technology advances towards 2030, where the Government had decided only electric vehicles will be permitted on our roads, it may not be just charging points required, but a facility to exchange fully charged units.