48 hours to go...a message from David Kendall, Parliamentary Candidate

December 10, 2019 10:00 PM

Boris Johnson demeans the office he holdsIf Boris Johnson wins on Thursday, you lose.

His destructive Brexit plan will damage our country and must be stopped. Boris Johnson cares more about himself than the future of our country and he cannot be trusted. He has lied to parliament, he has lied to HM The Queen and he is lying to you.

Every extra Liberal Democrat MP will give Jo Swinson a stronger hand to stop the Conservatives. I can win here and oust Alex Burghart but I need your vote.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that would secure a £50 billion Remain Bonus for the UK economy over the next five years. This would enable the Liberal Democrats to invest heavily in our public services and tackle inequality.

Real votes in real elections clearly show that the Liberal Democrats are the only party who can take this seat from the Conservatives:

  • We have 2 County Councillors and 13 Borough Councillors in the constituency against just 3 Borough Councillors for Labour
  • The Liberal Democrats came a strong second in the Euro Elections in this area. Labour came a poor fifth.
  • I have a proven record of beating the Conservatives time after time during my 27 years as a Borough Councillor and 10 years as a County Councillor.

David KendallJust some of my plans if I am elected as your Liberal Democrat MP on Thursday:

  • I will work with others to attract more jobs and investment to Brentwood & Ongar
  • I will call for more investment in mental health services, particularly for younger people and for shorter waiting times at our GP surgeries.
  • I will call for urgent action and reform on social care to meet the needs of families facing issues with dementia and Alzheimers.
  • I will call for some fast trains from Brentwood Station to London, try and get a lift on platform 4 and support efforts to get a commuter rail service established between Ongar and Epping Stations.
  • I will demand more investment in special needs education

Your vote can make a difference so please give me your support on Thursday

Thank you, David.