Thank you Brentwood and Ongar

December 16, 2019 9:00 PM

David Kendall campaigning in Brentwood and Ongar November 2019I would like to thank the 7,187 Brentwood and Ongar residents who braved the wind and rain last Thursday to vote for me and the Liberal Democrats.

The vote we achieved was 2,761 (+5.2%) higher than what we got in 2017 and represented 13.6% of the total votes cast which was a good result. Nationally the Liberal Democrats increased their votes by 1.2million and their vote share in every region but our antiquated "first past the post system" meant that we ended with 11 MPs. Ed, Alistair, Wendy, Daisy, tim, Wera, Christine, Layla, Sarah, Jamie and Munira have already hit the ground running but under proportional representation we would have 80 equally superb representatives.

The result means key issues such as climate change and the desperate need for more funding for mental health, special needs education, schools and social care will be significantly affected..As an example of what the country voted for I highlight the 'Learning, Disability & Autism Fund' that currently receives £24M. By 2023, the Conservative government plan to cut it to zero.

Here in Brentwood and Ongar, not only did our vote increase but we also found some great new activists and members who want to get involved going forward and help us build for the future. And we will seek that brighter future.

The Tories now have a majority at Westminster so let us hope that they use the power they have been give wisely particularly when it comes to Brexit and the future trade deal with the EU so that our residents' jobs and standard of living will be protected.

Going forward the Liberal Democrats will be holding the Conservatives to account at every level of national and local government to ensure that they deliver for people across the UK. The Conservatives may have won a large majority at this election but the voice of progressive politics in this country still remains alive and kicking in the form of the Liberal Democrats and we will soon be fighting back. If you would like to help us then please get in touch it would great to hear from you.