Pilgrims Hatch: Cllr Vicky Davies Writes

May 28, 2020 11:25 AM
Pilgrims Hatch like many other areas in the borough is suffering regular drug abuse with dealers openly operating in several areas. My frustration has been what appears to have been lack of police response even when photographic / video evidence has been given. A resident contacted the police giving times and days of drug drop offs to young and vulnerable people but no response or action appears to have been taken. There have also been detailed reports of regular drug misuse in another area of Hatch. I was contacted by the residents who asked me to act on their behalf. I forwarded, as their ward councillor, the comprehensive list of the times the young people were congregating to the police.
The response was rather shocking as I was informed my evidence didn't count!! As you might imagine I wasn't happy about this and a complaint went to the new Chief inspector Ant Alcock.

Chief inspector Alcock rang me and gave an undertaking that he would treat seriously the problems reported and apologised for the past lack of response. However he did emphasise the importance of residents calling the police each time an incident occurs as to get action that will be supported by the courts there must be several complainants. He also encouraged the use of Crime stoppers as an anonymous route of reporting where a resident may not wish to identify themselves on the 101 number or web site.
I appreciated his advice and have informed residents in the areas of concern. Whatever route we need to go the people profiting by selling drugs must and will be stopped!