Brentwood Liberal Democrats - Shenfield Update

June 8, 2020 8:08 AM

A very concerned group of residents recently contacted Cllr Barry Aspinell regarding diggers and other ground work machinery accessing a field off of a close in Shenfield Place and subsequently leaving the site open and unprotected. At this time of year many people have concerns over potential traveller incursions and other developments that would affect them locally. Barry immediately contacted Andy Fryd, our local councillor in Shenfield and asked him to visit the residents and take a photograph of the area concerned. This he did, but he also went further. He ascertained the name of the company carrying out the work and contacted them. After a lengthy conversation with the Manager, Cllr Andy Fryd was assured that the land was being worked to facilitate a much needed drainage system and a new fence and pedestrian gate would be going back up. In the meantime, a temporary fence would be put in place the following morning. Andy assured the gentleman that he would be back to ensure that this was happening. The very next day Andy did return and was pleased to see the temporary fence had been erected. However, we are not taking it at face value, and along with local residents will be keeping a close watch on the situation to ensure that the promised permanent fence does happen.