Would you prefer a sculpture or an athletics track/stadium as Brentwood's Olympic legacy?

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What you think

  • Athletics Track/Stadium (91%)
  • Sculpture (9%)

What we think

Brentwood Liberal Democrats have called for our 2012 Olympic legacy to be the building of an athletics track and possible stadium at the Brentwood Centre. The idea was seriously considered in the past when we controlled the Borough Council but funding was always the major issue. However with the Olympics coming to the London in 2012 and Brentwood hosting the Mountain bike event new funding streams are now becoming available.

Only recently Essex County Council announced that £1m was available for gateway improvements to erect sculptures in celebration of the Olympics at key sites around the County and a significant amount has been earmarked for the Brook Street roundabout entrance to Brentwood.

Cllr David Kendall said:

"I would personally much prefer to see Council Tax payers' money spent on something that is going to have long term benefits for our community, particularly for the young and the disabled, rather than a sculpture. The Brentwood Centre would be an ideal location for an athletics track and possible stadium and would in my view provide an excellent legacy for our town's involvement in the Olympic games."